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My Migration Story

My mother was born in Easton, Maryland in 1958. She never left Easton, Maryland during her childhood. However, she did move one time from a house in Easton to another house in Easton. She left Easton when she attended the St. George’s boarding school after which she attended the Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey. Her first year after college she lived in Stanford, Connecticut in a rental home while working at the Convent of Sacred Heart school. The following year she moved to a small apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began working at the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The following year she moved to an apartment in Bryn Mawr and lived there for 2 years. She then moved out to a farm house in the country in a town called Chester Springs for 2 years. She then returned to Bryn Mawr for another 2 years before leaving shipley and purchasing a house in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. She switched her profession to a full time tutor and met my father because she tutoring one of his students. My father was then a teacher at the Shipley School but he had come to the school after my mother had left to pursue a tutoring career.


My father was born in Glen Cove, New York in 1957 and lived in Glen Head, New York. When he was 4 years old he moved to Oyster Bay New York where he lived for 6 years. After this he moved to a house in the same town where he lived for another 5 years. He then moved to Locust Valley, New York when he began attending the Taft School located in Watertown, Connecticut. He attended Taft for 4 years of high school at which point his family moved to Syosset, New York to live with his step mother. At which time he began attending Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. He attended Brown for 4 years. After college he returned to Syosset and then moved to Taiwan and lived there for 6 months while teaching. He then moved to Japan for 3 months to travel. He then returned to Providence, Rhode Island where he worked for Brown University. After this he got a job at the Adirondack Mountain School and moved to Long Lake, New York. He worked there from 1981 to 1982. He then moved to Pottersville, New Jersey and worked at the Prunell School for 4 years. Then he moved to Groton, Massachusettes where he taught at the Lawrence Academy from 1986 to 1988. Then he moved to Ardmore, Pennsylvania and began teaching at Shipley. At which point he moved to Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania. At this point my parents stories obviously intertwine as my parents met and bought a house together in Media, Pennsylvania and were married. My parents had me just after finishing their Masters together at the University of Pennsylvania. After I was born we lived at the house in Media until I was 6. We then moved to Newtown Square, Pennsylvania until I was 12. When I was 12 we moved to Montclair, which is where I am now.


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