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Editors Note: Post on the behalf of michaeld

My migration story is similar to many others. My father, Bob DeVita, was born in America. But both of his parents, my grandparents, lived in Italy during their child hood. Both of my father’s parents came from a small town in Italy called Bonoglia. I believe my grandmother came to America when she was 16, she came with my great aunt Linda and their parents. My Grandfather came to America around about the same age. My grandfather lived in Ohio for a little while trying to find work. After a few months, he was actually wanted by the police for coming into America illegally. My grandfather walked from Ohio to Clifton New Jersey and that is where he settled in and met my Grand mother. My father grew up with his brother, cousins, aunts, and uncles. My Grandparents bought a house in a part of Clifton called Bottany village. My grandmothers sister, along with her husband and children, grew up in the house next door to my father. My grandparents moved to where I live now in 1979. My great aunt and cousins actually moved into the house next door to where I live now. My entire life I have had my fathers side of the family as my neighbors. When my father grew up, he had his family in the house next to him. He grew up playing with his cousins and friends. This is why I am so close with my fathers side of the family, growing up I had the same experience as he did. Growing up I also had my cousins next door to me.

My mother, Janice, was also born in America. She grew up in Clifton New Jersey just like my father. I am not as close with her side of my family because her sister moved to Las Vegas Nevada, one of her brothers moved to Maryland. She still has one brother who lives in Clifton New Jersey but he is an awful person and I try to avoid him as much as possible. There have been some issues with my uncles and my mom does not really like him that much. My mother’s mother was from Poland and came over to America when she was very young. I believe that she also grew up in Clifton New Jersey. She had 1 sister that I knew and she passed away when I was pretty young. My Grandfather, is Austrian and Hungarian, I am not positive where he was born though. My grandfather is actually and orphan so a lot of his background is unknown. I do know that he also grew up in Clifton New Jersey. He told me many stories about what he used to do when he was little in Clifton New Jersey. At age 18 he entered the war and was a part of the United States Air Force. He went to  many places with the Air Force. He went to a lot of places in the south pacific. Including Hawaii. He told me that one of his biggest regrets was that he was never able to fly an airplane by himself. He worked on aircraft carriers mainly. When he was done with the war he married my grandmother and started his own plumbing company, which he continued to do for many years after that.  My mom grew up with 3 other siblings. I believe she was the youngest of them all. My Father went to Monmouth College in New Jersey. He went there for a few years but did not finish. My mother went to Montclair State University, she graduated there with a teaching degree. My parents lived in Clifton their entire lives but my father moved from one part of Clifton to another in 1979. My parents randomly met a few times before my father finally asked my mother out. He actually asked her out at one of my favorite restaurants, The Hot Grill, easily the best cheese burgers and hot dogs on the east coast. My parents ended up staying in Clifton. My father started his own business and it was based out of Clifton so it was the easiest thing for them to do. My mother found a job near their home, in Livingston New Jersey.

During my life I have lived in the same place my entire life. I have not moved during my life. My family has thought about moving a few years ago, but they never ended up going through with it. As of this point I am not certain where I am going to attend college next year. There are a few options that I have right now. All the schools I am thinking about are good schools. It is going to be a tough decision, but I hope I make the right one.


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