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DC to Montclair

My Mom, JoAnn Weisel, was born on October 24th 1957 in Salem Oregon to Bill and Janet Cassebaum. She was born into a military family, her father was in Oregon training to go over and fight in the Korean War. After a year and her fathers training and service they moved to a small town in eastern Pennsylvania called Mount Bethel. A few years later her sister and my aunt, Ellen was born. They grew up in a strict household. They would spend their time mostly outdoors, T.V and movies where rare, if ever. Both her and her sister played tennis, skied and hiked all around the area. She has told me stories of how they would drive about an hour away to Camel Gardens and go night skiing. She would spend her summers at tennis camp and winters skiing.

My Father, John Weisel, was born on April 11th 1957 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Both of his parents where born during the depression. His father was a lawyer and his mother was a secretary. Growing up his household and life was not as strict as my mothers. He would cause mischief and mayhem; he would usually piss off his neighbors he told me. Someone who my dad spent a lot of time with was his grandfather, Otto. Otto had an interesting life, he had to drop out of school at the age of ten to work in a Heinz pickle factory in order to support his family, and at the age of twenty he was drafted into the army during World War One. He would tell me how he would spend many afternoons with him talking and hanging out with his grandfather. Besides his time with his grandfather his fondest memory he tells me is watching his team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, win four super bowls and dominate football during the 1970s. He watched his favorite cartoon, the Road Runner, which was on every Saturday with his older brother. My Mom and my dad grew up in different environments. My mom’s upbringing was much more strict and structured unlike my dads which was much less strict and structured.

Both my parents graduated high school and went to Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. It is a school in the middle of central Pennsylvania hours from any major city. They meet each other during there sophomore year at a party at my dads fraternity house.

After college my dad and mom continued their studies at different universities my dad went to the University of Maryland and my mom went to George Washington University. They both got their degrees in Business. After college they moved back together when my dad took a job in Pittsburgh and my mom followed him there in order for them to get married. After living in Pittsburgh for a few years, my father got a job in Washington D.C. My parents decided that they wanted kids and me and my brother where both born in D.C. my brother 1989 and me 1992. After I was born we lived two more years in D.C. until my dad got a job in New York. Then during the summer of 1994 we moved from Washington D.C. to the suburbs of New York City, Montclair. My parents sent me to the Montclair Kimberley Academy for Pre-K and I stayed through my graduation in 2011. Then I will go the University of Arizona for my college career.

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