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Migration Story

My parents migration story is quite interesting. My parents come from two completely different areas in the U.S. My mom was born in Houston, Texas, and my dad was born in Buffalo, New York. These cities are almost polar opposites of each other but my parents somehow, throughout there journeys managed to meet each other.

My mom did not live in Houston for a long time, by the time she was three she moved to Alabama where she lived for another two years. When she was five she moved to Tampa, Florida where she grew up and lived until she married my dad. She moved a lot when she was little because of her dad’s job. He never had a steady job until he moved to Tampa where he started Smith Fence, a fencing company that is still running today and is owned by my 2 uncles.

My dad was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. His dad worked at a watch factory in the city. He never moved growing up; he lived in the same house throughout high school and college.

Both of my parents stayed in the same towns they grew up in for college and commuted to school. My mom went to Saint Leo’s University, which is a small college in Saint Leo, Florida. My dad went to SUNY (state university of New York) Buffalo.

Soon after college, both of my parents were offered jobs. My dad was offered a banking job down in Florida, a state he had very little knowledge about, and my mom was offered a teller job at a nearby bank in Florida. My dad moved down to Florida, which was very momentous for him because he had never flown or left the northeast before. My parents were not working at the same banks but there offices were not that far away from each other. My parents met one night when they were out with friends in Tampa, and from then on have been with each other.

Soon after they met, my dad was accepted into the University of Chicago for graduate school. It was hard for my dad to leave my mom, but he knew that this is the school he wanted to go to and would create a future for the both of them. So the next year he moved to Chicago, Illinois to go to school. My parents were still dating while my dad was in school, but my mom still lived in Florida.

After graduate school, my dad moved back down to Florida where my mom was to work and be with her. One year after graduate school, my parents got married in Florida. However, soon after the wedding and once they were settled in, my dad was offered a job in New York City to work for an investment bank. The Offer was too good for my dad to say no to so my parents moved to New York City.

They lived in an apartment in New York City for a year before having their first child, Will, who is my oldest brother. But soon after Will was born, my parents, having both grown up in a suburban lifestyle, wanted a home to raise there kids in, so they moved to 5 Green View Way in Montclair, New Jersey after having there second child Kristin. Two years after having Kristin, Adam was born in Montclair New Jersey at mountainside hospital. My parents knew that they wanted 4 children, so one year later they had me, there forth child on April 16, 1993 at Mountainside Hospital.

I grew up on Green View way for five years until we moved. Our family moved to 270 Upper Mountain Avenue, I was still in Pre-K and was already attending the Montclair Kimberley Academy. I was born and raised in Montclair, and I attended MKA until 6th grade. During the summer between 6th and 7th grade, my family and I moved to Tokyo, Japan.

My family and I moved to Japan for three years because my dad was offered a higher job position in Tokyo. It was hard to change countries but we were told we would only be there for three years so to me it was only a temporary adjustment. The traveling in Asia was incredible but at the end of freshman year my family and I moved back to New Jersey where I moved back into my old house and went back to MKA.

I still in Montclair in the same house I lived in before I moved for the past three years. Next year I will be going to Lehigh University next year in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The area is surrounded by an abandoned steel factory, which makes the area more rural than Montclair but other than that, moving to Bethlehem for four school years will be nothing I am not used to.

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